Thursday, March 17, 2016

April - Botanical Garden Quilt

Let's hurry the arrival of spring by making a classic 16-patch block with pretty floral fabrics of any color. Green foliage is good too. Use 2.5" wide strips. Have any jelly rolls handy?

Cut two strips: 2.5" x 42. (These will yield two blocks.) Then cut them in half on the fold (above). Sew two strips together lengthwise. Then cut the sewn strip in half lengthwise (below).

Place the two units together and sew (above). Press all 3 seams in the same direction.

Cut into 4 strips: 2.5" wide (above).

Turn two strips upside-down (above), making a checkerboard.

Sew the strips together. Press.

Enter the drawing once for each block that you contribute. 
This will make a beautiful springtime quilt!
Happy quilting!


  1. Thank you for your easy tutorials that always inspire me!

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