Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October 2015 - Peace and Quiet

This low volume, classic string quilt block is the start of a most relaxing quilt!
Whip up a few blocks for the October meeting and you might win the whole shebang. Then you'll be well on your way to a new "Peace and Quiet" quilt.

6" Square quilter's ruler
Low volume (light) fabric strips 1.5" wide
Dark fabric, 1.5" square

Fabric Recipe: Light colored fabrics, modern or retro, whatever you like. And one dark fabric.

Cutting: From your 1.5" wide strips, 
  • cut three strips 9" long
  • cut two strips 6" long
  • cut two scraps to fit the corners, as shown below


1. Insert the 1.5" dark square into the middle of a 9" long strip, as shown above. Press. 

2. Sew the other two 9" strips to this center strip. Press. Use the ruler to make sure the block is bigger than the ruler.

3. Next, add the two 6" long strips, as shown above. Press.

4. Add a scrap to the two corners. (If you use a 1.5" strip, you might come up short and have a chunky little seam right in the corner. Using a scrap is easier.)

5. Place the center of the square ruler in the middle of the dark center square, as shown above. 

6. Trim. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

September 2015 - Hashtag!

Start with a 6" square cut from solid white, off-white, or a very light print.
Cut 4 strips: 1.25" x 7.5" from a colorful print.

Cut the square in thirds vertically (2" x 6").
Insert two colored strips. Press seams toward the print.

Cut the square in thirds horizontally. Insert two strips. Press.

Trim to 6" x 6."

Enter your name in the drawing once for each block that you bring to the September meeting. You might be well on your way to making a new quilt! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

June 2015 - Broderie Perse Hand- Applique

Choose a 6" square of solid white (or ivory, parchment, a pale pastel) for the background, and a floral bouquet. Cut the bouquet in a very simple shape echoing the design (not cutting around each leaf and petal). Gentle curves are much easier to applique.

Place the bouquet on the background square and use a pin or glue stick to hold it in place while hand-sewing. Using the "needle-turn" method of hand applique shown below, turn under the outer one-eighth to one-quarter inch and hand sew. See the finished block at the top of this post.

This quilt will be quite a flower show!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

April 2015: Retro One-Patch

This quilt from Apartment Therapy is the inspiration for our April block: Retro One-Patch.
Choose 9 fabrics from your stash that say "so twentieth century!" 
I like how the quilt above has darks, lights, plaids, big and small prints, solids, etc. 
 Cut a 6" square from each. Sew them into three rows of three, as shown below. Our quilt will have a huge variety of fabrics. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

February Camp Quilt

Our quick and scrappy blocks for February will combine to make a quilt that's right at home in a lake cabin like the movie set for "On Golden Pond." You need a 6" square and a handful of 2" strips. It's quick. Go fast, don't fuss. This will look great with our big variety of fabrics!

Start with a 6" square yellow print or solid. Cut 2" strips from scraps to make 4 borders around this center square. Add them to the center square as shown.

Press closed to set seams. Then press open (shown above). This helps keep the seams straight.

You might want to alternate between borders of dark and light scraps.

After you add 4 borders, cut the block into quarters, as shown above.

Insert a vertical strip and 2 horizontal strips, as shown above. Trim. The finished block will be 18.5" square.  If the block sizes vary a bit, that will simply add charm. They can be trimmed as needed.

Remember, you add your name to the drawing once for each block that you bring to the meeting. The winner of the drawing gets all the blocks. See you at the Feb. meeting!

This is my finished sample quilt: "Golden Pond." You can see that I added some string borders between the blocks and around the outer edge. Optional pattern here.
 I can't wait to see all our blocks on the wall at the February meeting!