Tuesday, May 23, 2017

June 2017 Block of the Month - Part 1

JUNE 2017
Block of the Month - Part 1

This block was recommended to me by Karen Baskett.  It is a paper pieced “Beginners Block” by Mary Dorchak, a member of the Yahoo Carol Doak Quilting Group.

If you have been hesitant about jumping in and giving paper piecing a try, this 6" block is the perfect place to start.

The finished block looks like the one below.

You will need seven pieces of fabric - the specifics are shown below:

Cut sizes and colors for Fabric:

1.   2 ¼ x 2 ¼ (maker’s choice)
2.   2 ¼ x 2 ¼ (cream)
3.   2 ¼ x 3 ¾ (cream)
4.   2 ¾ x 3 ¾ (maker’s choice)
5.   3 ¾ x 6 ¾ (maker’s choice)
6.   3 ½ x 7 ½ (cream)
7.   3 ½ x 7 ½ (cream)


Print the pdf template on paper piecing specific paper. (see Empire Home Page for template).  Cut out the template, it’s best to leave a bit around the edges and trim once completed. Stitch length should be shortened for paper piece to make it easier to remove the paper later on. Cut fabric as above. 1 each of the 7 for each block you wish to produce.


Step One:  Turn the template over with the back side up. Place fabric piece #1 right side up covering the space labeled 1 on template. Fabric should overlap on each side by at least ¼ inch. Place fabric piece #2 right side down on top of Fabric #1. Pin in place. Thin pins are best for this. Turn over, and sew along the line on the template that is shared by piece 1 and 2. Fold the paper along the line you just sewed so you can trim the excess fabric along that seam away. You can use a postcard or similar sized card to fold the paper on the line you just sewed then trim fabric edge to ¼ inch using a ruler or add a 1/4" tool. Open the paper again and finger press the seam open.

Step 1 A
Step 1 B

Step 1 C
Step 1 D
Step 1 E
Step 1 F
Step 1 G

Step 2:  Take piece #3 and place it on top of piece #2 (right side down), pin in place, turn over and sew along the line shared by piece #2 and #3. Follow instructions in bold from Step 1.

Step 2 B

Step 2 A

Step 2 C


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