Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amish Buggy Quilt - December 2009

The Amish make simple buggy quilts to use when riding in cold weather. If you want to try yours out, just bring it to Central Park!
This is a simple 16-patch block, but because the squares are fairly small, it will look awesome. Solid color fabrics will give it an Amish flavor.
If we all whip up a few of these pretty blocks, the lucky winner (maybe you) will have plenty to make a nice big quilt.

Directions: (See photos.)
1. Cut 2 strips: 2 1/4" wide x 40" long. Cut one from Color 1, and one from Color 2.
2. Sew these strips together lengthwise. Press. Cut into two approx. 20" lengths.
3. Sew these together lengthwise. Press seams toward darker color. (See above.)
4. Cut into eight 2 1/4" strips, as shown (below).
5. Reversing the direction of every other strip, sew the strips into two blocks, as shown below. This method will yield 2 blocks.
Color Recipe: Using solid (not patterned) fabrics, choose any two colors you like (except white). These might be high or low contrast, bright or subdued. It's your choice.

This is going to look so beautiful when we lay out the blocks at the December meeting!

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