Saturday, January 17, 2015

February Camp Quilt

Our quick and scrappy blocks for February will combine to make a quilt that's right at home in a lake cabin like the movie set for "On Golden Pond." You need a 6" square and a handful of 2" strips. It's quick. Go fast, don't fuss. This will look great with our big variety of fabrics!

Start with a 6" square yellow print or solid. Cut 2" strips from scraps to make 4 borders around this center square. Add them to the center square as shown.

Press closed to set seams. Then press open (shown above). This helps keep the seams straight.

You might want to alternate between borders of dark and light scraps.

After you add 4 borders, cut the block into quarters, as shown above.

Insert a vertical strip and 2 horizontal strips, as shown above. Trim. The finished block will be 18.5" square.  If the block sizes vary a bit, that will simply add charm. They can be trimmed as needed.

Remember, you add your name to the drawing once for each block that you bring to the meeting. The winner of the drawing gets all the blocks. See you at the Feb. meeting!

This is my finished sample quilt: "Golden Pond." You can see that I added some string borders between the blocks and around the outer edge. Optional pattern here.
 I can't wait to see all our blocks on the wall at the February meeting!