Friday, August 22, 2014

September 2014 - Lamps!

Take a look at your fabric stash to see what interesting lamps you might have in there. 
This is a quick and easy block. Our collection of blocks will make a fabulous quilt!

You could add a finial if you're so inclined. This lamp looks like a game board piece.

  1. Cut a white (or parchment, ivory etc.) square 10" x 10" for the foundation.
  2. Cut a 6" x 3.5" rectangle for the lampshade. Fold in half. Cut a curved or straight line as shown above.
  3. Cut a 5" x 5" square for the lamp base. Fold in half. Cut as shown above. Cutting so that the lamp base is skinny at the top makes the lampshade fit gracefully.
  4. Using a glue stick or pins, secure the lamp base and shade to the foundation. Machine applique about 1/4" from the edges. 

The winner of all the blocks will have a very interesting lamp gallery quilt! Shown above are the blocks that I made to be sure that this block is fun to make. And I assure you that it is!

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