Monday, October 14, 2013

November: Tea Basket

This colorful scrap block is a quick little basket. All you need is four 3" squares cut from white or ivory, and some scraps from your fabric collection. The triangles are applied and sewn by eye. 

Start with a 3" square, and scraps of 3" squares cut on the diagonal.

Lay a triangle on the square as shown above. Do this "by eye." Sew along the long edge of the triangle, as shown below. Press open.

Apply the second triangle as shown below.

Again, sew along the long edge of the triangle. Press open.

Turn the square over and trim.

 Make 4 squares, and arrange them like this:

The seam allowances are a little thick, so it helps to press this block on a folded terry cloth towel.

This will make a pretty quilt for the winner of all the blocks. I'm making a bunch. 

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