Friday, October 21, 2011

November: Classic String Quilt

For November we'll whip up some blocks to make a classic string quilt. Choose blues, greens, and black & whites. Cut strips about 1 1/4" wide - 1 3/4" wide. Cut them long enough to fill the space under the 6" template, as shown below.

Continue building until the block is bigger than the template. The strips can be various widths.

Trim as shown below. Block size is 6". (The block size in the finished quilt will be 5 1/2.")

The photo below shows what the quilt might look like when the blocks are assembled. Make a bunch so you can enter your name in the drawing multiple times. This will be a nice quilt!


  1. Very fun!! I hope there are a many blocks turned in!

  2. ola bonitos adorei seu blog muitos parabens por tão belo trabalho boa semana para si.

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