Thursday, September 15, 2011

Staircase Block for October

This simple Staircase block will make a stunning finished quilt. Scroll down to see how the blocks will look when several are combined.

Fabric Recipe: Use florals, dots, paisleys, etc. in multi colors (as shown below). Choose one dark-ish and one light-ish print. (Some low contrast blocks will be nice too.)
1. Cut two strips, 3 inches wide. Sew them together lengthwise. Press.
2. Cut 5.5" lengths, as shown in the photo below. Arrange the blocks as shown in the next photo. Sew. Press. That's it!

You may want to bring your scraps so the winner of the blocks will have some matching fabrics for a possible border.

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  1. Looks easy but very interesting pattern

  2. Maybe this what I,m looking for as have loads of fabric of roses to make up the next quilt.

  3. I have been looking for a pattern like this, I'm new to quilting but have lots of fabric from garment sewing and I feel this would to nicely, Thank you.

  4. I'm a beginner quilter and I love this pattern. It looks like something I could easily do. However I'm confused... How long are the 3-inch strips to begin with? I try to figure it out but couldn't

    1. The Stripes are 3in wide and 22in long, then cut into 5.5 in length pieces. To complete a total of 14 to 15 blocks (probably to much) you will need 3/4 yard of each color.

  5. I want to try this. love the pattern