Friday, October 21, 2016

Lisa's Bow Tie - November

Empire member Lisa Kehrle presents this Bow Tie block for our November BOM. 


The Bow Tie block is in honor of Charles Osgood – one of my favorite TV hosts.  He recently retired as host of the CBS Sunday Morning show and was known – among other things – for wearing a bow-tie.

The background fabric should be neutral and the bow tie fabric should be a high contrast fabric or a fun print.


Cut two 3-1/2” squares of the neutral background fabric.

Cut two 3-1/2" squares of the bow tie fabric.

Cut two 1-1/2” squares of the bow tie fabric. 
Draw a diagonal line on the back side of these two little squares.


Align a small square in a corner of a background square, right sides together, as shown below.

Sew a seam directly on the marked line, then press, as shown below. Trim away the two layers of fabric behind the blue triangle. Make two of these.

Arrange the four squares into a bow tie (as shown at top) and sew. Press.
The final block measures 6” completed.