Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday Quilt - September 2013

This signature quilt will show our names, birth dates and locations. Also included will be blocks for our quilting/sewing friends and relatives

Someday people might see this quilt and say: "Imagine the quilters way back in the 1900's, wielding those dangerous rotary cutters! And look at their old-fashioned cursive handwriting! You don't see that anymore!" Or who knows what they'll say? But this will be one interesting quilt!

1. Start with a white/light 3" square. Stiffen temporarily with freezer paper to make writing easier.
2. Using a fine-point fabric marker, write your first name, birth date, and where you are from.
3. Cut a 2 1/2" wide strip of a fabric that you like, maybe one that says something about you.
4. From this strip, cut two 3 1/2" long pieces, and two 8" long pieces.
5. Sew the short pieces to the sides. Press. Sew the long pieces to the top and bottom. Press. 
6. Place a 6" square ruler on your block and trim. You might like to position the ruler it so that your white square is on a bit of an angle, as shown in the photos above.

Take a look at the photos below. They're worth a thousand words. Make multiple blocks to honor the quilters/sewists (or sewers, if you prefer) in your life. 

The more blocks you make, the more chances you have to win all the blocks at the September meeting.

The two pens (shown above and below) are good to use. 
Sharpie Laundry markers make a very thick line, so they are not good to use.

 After writing your info, peel off the freezer paper (shown below).

Sew strips to the sides, then to the top and bottom. Press.

Don't bother to trim. (See below.)

Finally, trim the block using a 6" square ruler. Fast and easy.

 My niece Amelia has already made several quilts in her 16 years. I think I'll make blocks for my grandmothers too. They didn't quilt, but they sewed.
Have fun! See you at the September meeting. :)

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