Sunday, March 17, 2013

April 2013 - Long and Narrow Block: 6" x 55"

Let's make a Strata Quilt! Cut strips 1.25" wide from interesting fabrics in your stash. Sew the ends together  so you have 55" lengths. Then sew these strips together. Make a block about 6" x 55."

Enter your name in the drawing once for each block entered.

Helpful tip: After sewing a long seam, press before opening. This "sets the seam" and makes it easy to keep the seam straight when you press it open. Otherwise it can get a little curvy. 

This quilt was made by readers of the Selvage Blog from all over the world. I finished the quilt, and it now resides in Florida in the home of the drawing winner: the Quilting Violinist.

Remember to bring your Bow Tie blocks from February too!