Tuesday, January 22, 2013

February: Fast Bow Tie

We need some color in February, and this quilt will do the job! This block takes less than 10 minutes to make, so you might want to make a bunch. Win the blocks, and your quilt is almost done!

Choose 2 fabrics: White (or ivory, ecru, parchment...), and a colorful Kaffe Fasset-type print.
CUT two 3" squares from each.
CUT one 2" square from the print. Cut in half diagonally.

Position a little triangle near the corner of the white square, as shown below. Sew the long side of triangle. Press. Trim.

Now, assemble your 4-patch, and you're done!

NOTE: Because everyone is adding the little triangles by eye, they won't all be exactly the same. I think that adds to the "cottage chic" charm. I also like the modern look of the whites (and off whites). The multi-whites will add depth. This will be a pretty quilt.

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