Monday, November 22, 2010

January 2011 - Design Your Own Flag

Have you ever felt a little disappointed that Betsy Ross got to design the flag instead of you? When you view a display of flags of the world, do you see ways they could be tweaked to good advantage? Me too! :) Well here's our chance. I made a few flags to be sure that this block would meet the tests for an Empire BOM: must be fun, pretty, and result in a truly butt-kickin' quilt. Check, check, and check!

Look at some flags and look at your stash. Then create a flag that measures 12" tall by 15" wide. (In the finished quilt, each flag will measure 11.5" x 14.5.") My fancy motifs and big dots were attached to the background using WonderUnder. I think using some bright solids lends a flag-like look. But you are the queen of your land, so it's up to you.

If you have trouble working out the size of your flag, I suggest making the focal point then adding borders to make it 12 x 15. The "liberated quilting" method comes in handy. My examples are a little serious; you may want to put pretzels on your flag. Go for it. Have fun.

Did you know that the flag of Libya is just a solid green? And the flag of Maryland has a checkerboard on it? Now I really look at flags.


  1. ohhh... I love this BOM, I can make a Valdes flag, or Fleuranges flag.. orr......

  2. Awesome flags! The idea of designing your own flag is fantastic. Speaking of flags, I remember being photographed in school with the country's flag in the background. Mom used to shop flags before school activities like this is conducted. She usually visits sewing stores or a well-known sewing shop. Flags, quilts and curtains are some of her purchases.